I updated my pottery page this morning, all with stuff that I have already given away. The quality of the pictures is really crappy but if nothing else it gives me reference for my glazes. I'm going to work with my instructor and another guy in my class to do a cone 10 firing since I've got some porcelain that should reach translucency if it gets hot enough and my work is thin enough - I'm excited to try something new. The last couple weekends I've had to work way more than I want to and it's a bit aggravating; I didn't know if I'd ever get those pictures posted but I'm glad I did. The house is a wreck, and I have been fighting time to finish the last 60 pages in my latest book - maybe today is the day. I have two more books in the wings: The Bell Curve, and American Mania, why too much is not enough (or something like that, I'm paraphrasing the title).

5 things that make me happy:
swimming at Brian & Erika's
eagles of death metal
my husband

Wow, am I ever consistently inconsistent with updating this thing. I added a new page for my pottery (very exciting, check it out) and the last two years have had this happen: I got married, I got a promotion, my sister had a baby, my other sister got married, I got a wheel and started taking ceramics classes again, and I had my guts cut open to remove a couple nasty little cysts that were growing on my ovaries. So now I have a cut in my belly as though I've had a Caesarian, though the only thing that came out was blobs of yuck. Hm. That would be a good name for a band. Blobs of Yuck.

5 things that make me happy:
strawberry rhubarb pie
throwing bowls (making, not breaking)
the cat is curled up in a little c next to my chair on the floor, like a good cat
the house is mostly clean
cheap mp3s

I've been running now consistently for about 2 weeks. I'm very proud of myself. I have never really cared for running, and pushing myself has felt very good. I've been really appreciating life over the past few weeks. Tonight I meant to run 4 miles and only made it two - I ate late and ran too soon after. I stopped and went to the park and sat on the swings (and swang) while I rocked out to some Van Halen. It was nice to just hang out and do nothing for a few minutes. Went shopping this week with my girlfriend and bought some new pants, they're totally sweet. Of course to go with my new pants I got a camisole, a sweater, a couple of button up shirts, and one more pair of pants. Some things are just necessary. Granted these weren't, but hey - a girl's gotta do what a girl's got to do. I have another week of vacation left - maybe 6 days? and have been considering a road trip in the Z. Sort of a directionless adventure in the fall might do me well.

5 things that make me happy:
good communication with the future mr. jen shepherd
compliments on my cooking
john got a new job!! (starting Oct. 4)
my birthday is coming up...
and I'm going to Chicago for it.

and a year and a half later...
John and I are getting married in Saline, MI on May 21, 2005. We're going to have a kickass wedding with an even more kickass reception, where all of our family members will mingle and schmooze, nobody will get too drunk, nobody will go home lonely or too tired, and everyone will enjoy the music. Or at least that's how it's going in my mind. ;)

Our guest list is still under construction but we have a lot of other things figured out. I am working away at those last 2 lbs before I get fitted for my dress, and the bridesmaids will be working off their pregnancy weight. Thank God for empire waists. My ladies will be garden green goddesses and all the men will flirt with them. I am still happily working and very pleased with my life. I am trying (2 days strong!) to run on a daily basis so that my heart doesn't explode when I go up three flights of stairs at work. Yesterday I half ran a mile, and today I half ran about a mile & 3 quarters. I will be very proud of myself that fateful day when I make it a mile without stopping. I might collapse with pride or get struck by lightning. Maybe both. That might be cool. :P

5 things I am thankful for in my life right now:
work challenges me and satisfies my need for real engagement in terms of problem solving
I have a hot pair of new shoes
I have fabulous wonderful awesome friends
John and I are paying off credit cards
My 401K loan is paid off on the 15th!

so yeah, it's been a year or so...
things are steady in my life. i have little worries here and there, and big problems like everyone else. i'm glad i've finally gotten this rolling again, it's a nice little outlet, and i miss having it. 5 things that are good in my life right now:
john makes the bed every morning
i'm going to hawaii may 5
i really like my car
gift candy from cerreta's