Unless otherwise noted, all work was fired to cone 7 in reduction. I like the idea that functional pieces can be artistic, and I really enjoy having a goal when I'm working. Right now I'm working on several large shallow porcelain bowls, and I want to do some oxidation firing to get a different range of color. Email me if you would like to commission me for any work - I'm sure we can work something out. The top section are items that are still somewhere in my house; if you want one of these pieces please email me for price. All other pieces are already spoken for. I won't ship anything without insurance, as I've had gifts break in the mail even when very well packed. All pieces are dishwasher/microwave safe.

Bone / semi matte blue porcelain coffee cup

Black / white stoneware flared bowl, approximately 6" diameter, 3.5" high. Laguna Rod's Bod. This clay is rough, the bottom of this piece is not finished in such a way that it will not tear up surfaces.

Pale blue porcelain vase, approximately 5" high and 3" wide. This is the celadon glaze again with the red iron oxide, which freckles the glaze. Thrown and altered to fold on itself slightly, this reflects a very organic shape which would work nicely with a loose arrangement of large flowers.

All pieces below are no longer available.
Ohata & Cream stoneware bowl (1)

Powder Blue / Fat Black small shallow bowl

Majolica & Blue Chun on porcelain

Reitz Green, Powder Blue, & Binn's Blue on stoneware

Cream & Seafoam Green on stoneware (1)

Cream & Seafoam Green on stoneware (2)

Stone White on porcelain

Majolica and Greenspot on flared porcelain (1)

Majolica and Greenspot on flared porcelain (2)

Reitz Green and Powder Blue on porcelain

Seafoam Green & Cream on stoneware (1)

Seafoam Green & Cream on stoneware (2)

Greenspot coffee mug for Pete

Stone White and Blue Chun mug

Reitz Green & Powder Blue mug (1)

Reitz Green & Powder Blue mug (2)

Red Chun & Powder Blue Mug

Ohata coffee cup (looks like it belongs in a roadside diner)

Powder Blue & Red Chun demitasse

Greyed Matte Lavender bowl

Purple / black stoneware coffee cup

Powder blue / matte blue coffee cup

Buff / cobalt blue bowl. This is a celadon glaze with red iron oxide, which gives a neat speckled appearance on the light stoneware used. Approximately 5.5" in diameter, 3" high.

Black / Cobalt / Powder blue and clear with a slight purple blush on this narrow bowl.

Matte Green / Powder Blue / Blue stoneware bowl, approximately 7.5" diameter and 3.5" high. Laguna Rod's Bod has a high iron content which breaks through the glaze to freckle the surface.